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Pamela Lillard

" People are afraid of the dark," says songwriter Pamela Lillard. " But that's the source of life, that dark space. A seed doesn't germinate in the light; it germinates in the dark." Out of this darkness comes the creative energy that drives her. Raised in Ohio, Lillard's guitar work-- percussive and rhythmically idiosyncratic---began in one of Chicago's best-known blues clubs. " I'd been playing for about five years before I started going to Kingston Mines," she explains. " I went down there for open mic night and sang the blues. After a couple of times they asked me to be in the house band. They needed a rhythm guitarist to cover for Hubert Sumlin when he went on the road. And when he came back, they kept me on." She was 20 years old, jamming with Howling Wolf's sidemen. In 1991, Lillard moved to L.A. and began working with the musicians who would join her in Ruby, which later transformed into Pearl & The Rhythm Method. When pressed for a descriptive label, Lillard calls the style "blues alternative," or more recently, "acoustic groove music." This earthy sound is the frame of Lillards' vision; it underpins her lyrical celebration of life. "My intention is to honor feminine energy. There is so much shame, and I think it has damaged society. Sometimes it's hard to address this because people can feel so threatened by it. So I try to move in gently. The message is in there, but it's a matter of letting it roll smoothly into your consciousness. "Sara McLachlan, Zap Mama: it is so exciting what's happening! There is actually space, at least in some parts of the world, where women can fre ely and truly express spirit."

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