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This CD is a collection of recordings from Acme Recording Studio in Chicago, Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton (in Canada), and A&M Studio in Los Angeles. It spans eight years and includes blues, jazz, ballads, and rock. "Matter" is built around a bass groove lushly woven by Chris Chaney. "The song floats along that groove. It intentionally dominates the mix." The slide guitar drives the groove in "Heartbreaker" and "I Like A Train." The title track "Ruby" is reminiscent of Quicksilver Messenger Service and psychedelia.

Prayer Meal
Recorded by Alex Reed in Lillard's home studio, The Temple, this CD is entirely acoustic guitar and layered vocals. "All Time Baby" was inspired one snowy day in England with Peter Gabriel, Daniel Lanois, David Rhodes, and Dave Bottrill. "Watching these guys hard at work, I felt a great sense of peace. I think maybe it's just that awareness that this is all there is and we're alright." Without blame,"Cowgirls" is a feel-good country tune that builds comfort.

Homemade until the very end, when Grammy-winning engineer David Reitzas sweetened it with Pro-Tools, Loud Heat was made entirely on a small digital board with a warm tube mic. Guests include Brazilian percussionist extraordinaire Cassio Duarte, infinitely tasty Selmer sax-man David Sills, and one of L.A.'s hottest guitarists, the luscious Jimmy Khouri. Lillard layers vocals on all but one song giving the album a delicious warmth.


1) Matter

2) O Mama

3) I like a Train

Prayer Meal

1) 4 Giving

2) Contact

3) Another Round


1) Everybody Who Wants 2

2) Recognize

3) Arms Around Me

New CD release of 1986 Lullabies:
Pamala’s Lullabies” is a sonic road map to rediscovering our sweetness and love, creating a safe space to just be - to live, to love, to sleep in harmony. “Hush sweet dreamer, curl your toes, no more worries only doze,” Pamela’s soothing voice and guitar surrounds us like that favorite baby blanket from our childhood - a gentle ocean wave. So lay your head on your pillow, and let the wind blown sea bird lull you to life and dreams. It is sleepy time."

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